Jeffrey Miller, MFA is equal parts education, natural talent, and life experience. His acquired expertise in Installation and Assemblage from Pratt Institute, NYC, is evident in the quality of his ideas, which further provide a solid foundation for technical and spontaneous expression in a variety of media.


A "Manifest " is a train made up of mixed railcars (box cars, tank cars, piggybacks, etc). Imagine, if you will, one barreling down a length of track with such weight, such velocity, on two thin rails. All that power delicately controlled must be one of the most graceful things I know. Yet, one slight mistake and it all derails. All the combustible fuel, the refrigerators, the timber, toxic chemicals, all the food, stereo equipment, the railcars themselves... all go straight to Hell and take anything in it's path with it.

It would appear each of us is a manifest train, hauling railcars of emotion, thought, and experience. These railcars are of our own design to a large extent and our challenge in this world is to comprehend this strange fact; to emerge from a veil of darkness into the full light of conscious creation and then perhaps beyond, where the tracks, the train, and the engineer all disappear back into each other.