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"Going Deep" Is my most recent series of work which involves painting, sculpture, installation, performance.... I use everything at my disposal to convey my ideas and feelings.

The subject of this work involves submarines, panoramic ocean views, and wave studies. The specific content is recondite, though I can tell you that themes such as "grace under pressure" are central to the work.

Many of the paintings have schematic cross sections or abstract versions of submarines, drawn in lead, and are then are painted over with views of the ocean or wave forms. Therefore, one needs to X-ray the painting to reveal the full composition. Moreover, the X-ray process references the restoration and conservation aspect of fine art. I love art history! As a young artist up to this day, I am fascinated with what is revealed underneath the painted surface... we learn a great deal about technique and discernment, in viewing what has been edited (by the artist or even the patron)

Individual paintings can be thought of as triptychs...what is seen, what is underneath, and the combination of the two.

The work alludes to physical, emotional and mental states of being. Much is expressed in terms of the type of submarine (war faring or exploratory, for example) in relationship to its environment, visibility, and placement within the composition.